Warning! Breast cancer patients not pregnant

The majority of women breast cancer is a serious threat to physical and mental health of common disease in the world, the incidence rate among women in the second cancer.

To prevent cancer recurrence in breast cancer patients, is very concerned about how to consolidate the curative effect, sub-conditioning and physical exercise, pregnancy, however, it is often overlooked.

Studies show that pregnant women, breastfeeding women, once breast cancer, disease spread early metastasis, rapid progression, poor treatment, lack of clinical experience in some of vigorous anti-cancer treatment, cancer patients have been satisfied with the control, due to pregnancy cause cancer revived. Some have not yet been brought under control in the treatment of cancer stage of pregnancy, due to surging estrogen levels during pregnancy, caused by residual tumor cells revived, rapid growth and reproduction, and through multi-channel expansion.

Human normal cells and abnormal cancer cells, contain a hormone combined with the material, called hormone receptors. Hormone receptors need to work with, for healthy people, it can play a normal physiological function, the conditions for those who already have health cancer, can promote the cancer process; for cancer patients, will accelerate the progress of cancer, breast cancer cells have estrogen hormone receptor positive and negative in others, positive for the estrogen-dependent breast cancer, these patients after conception, due to elevated levels of estrogen stimulation, can easily lead to illness nosedive and get out of hand.

In view of this, to remind women of childbearing age, even 40 years old, if not yet menopausal, are required to adhere to contraception. Method to use contraceptives or sterilization is appropriate, should not take, subcutaneous or intramuscular hormonal contraceptives.